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Our Class of 1968 50th Reunion is scheduled for Friday, June 8, through Sunday, June 10, with an early bird option for Thursday, June 7, and a stay-over, can't-let-go option for Monday, June 11. Since our 40th Reunion in 2008, more than 175 of our classmates have participated in our five-year reunions, class birthday parties, mini-reunions and class trips for which there are attendance rosters.  That’s 25%+ of our class membership, and we hope we will easily top that 175 number at our 50th.

If you have questions or suggestions about our 50th Reunion, please feel free to contact Reunion Chairman Gerry Bell or assistants David Walden or Peter Wonson.

Gerry Bell: 802-430-7382, skiboy1968@comcast.net

David Walden: 603-277-9028; dlwalden@waldenlaw.com

Peter Wonson: 540-989-3841; pwonson@cox.net

See our preliminary 50th Reunion schedule.  Some of the activities have been scheduled by The College, including the Class of 1968 leading the graduation processional. Some of the activities have been scheduled by our Reunion leadership team. And some of the activities have resulted from suggestions by classmates, e.g., touring the new Baker Bell tower (check out this video - classic!). In addition, we have a number of Special Presentations prepared by classmates. While the schedule is currently incomplete, what we have listed will give you an idea of what we will be up to. We will continue to fill in the schedule, while leaving plenty of down time for classmates and spouses to engage in  activities on their own. Suggestions for additional activities will be happily and gratefully accepted.

Join the process by completing our periodic surveys at  https://surveymonkey.com/r/2N2HH6H and https://surveymonkey.com/r/DMKLMLB.

50th Reunion Giving Campaign

In this, the year of our 50th Reunion, now is the time to start thinking about your donation to the DCF. Please review the 50th Reunion DCF page for more information.

Feedback Needed

Please visit and respond to our reunion feedback questionnaire. The form is a fillable PDF. BEFORE completing the form, download it. Thereafter, you can (1) complete the form in Adobe Acrobat, print it and snail mail it to Gerry, David or Peter or save it and email it to Gerry, David or Peter (2) print and complete the form and snail mail it to Gerry, David or Peter. Their email addresses are listed above.

Housing Information

Although there's about a year to go, start thinking about where you're going to stay.

Class of 1968 Personal Values Statement:


"Who Are You?" 

As part of the preparation for Reunion, the Class will be offering an online survey titled “Who Are You.” The survey is located on a single-purpose website that allows classmates and their spouses to express their views on a variety of topics on the occasion of our 50th reunion.  Once expressed and posted, these statements can be viewed by all classmates.

"Who Are You?" is READY! One of the cornerstones of our 50th Reunion – the ’68 “Who Are You?” online survey – is now live and available for your input at a computer near you.  We’ve written a lot about the features of Who Are You:  the Proust Questionnaire, the save-the-world essay, your favorite photos, and your top five on a variety of subjects.  Now it’s your turn.  It’s fun, easy, and remunerative – up to 20% off the reunion tariff if you complete at least 10 sections.  Have at it – we hope both you and your spouse/significant other will participate! You can access Who Are You at, www.D68WhoAreYou.org (not case sensitive).  When you enter for the first time, look below the Log In button and click to create your account.  You then input the registration code (easy – it’s “1968”) and then establish a user ID (your email address is easiest) and your own personal password.  Then the fun begins – you can go back to “Who Are You?” again and again to add material, edit, change, whatever – until March 31.  Then we all get to look at our old friends' views of the world as preparation for our 50th Reunion in Hanover June 7-11,2018.  Have fun!

We want to encourage you to participate in the “Who Are You” survey so, classmates (spouses may also participate) who complete sections of “Who Are You” before March 31, 2018 will receive a 2% discount in the reunion tariff for each section completed (up to a maximum of 20% reduction).  You can skip some sections and still get the 20% maximum reduction, but the statement will be most valuable if you fill out as many sections as you can.

50th Reunion Virtual Art Show

David Peck announces the Class of 1968 50th Reunion Virtual Art Show and requests submissions. Get inspired and be sure to view the Class of 1961's online version of their virtual art show; David provides a link to the Class of 1961 virtual art show.

Classmate testimonials

The following are statements about various class trips and events by classmates who participated. They speak clearly to the enjoyment and value of sharing time and adventures with fellow 68s. See the Testimonials. If after reading these, you'd like to chime in with your own class event reminiscence, please contact Peter Wonson (see contact information above).

Preliminary List of Attendees

Look who's planning to come, 247 already (1/14/2018)!


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