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The Harold C. Ripley ’29 Society was formed in 2009 to recognize alumni who have made a gift to the Dartmouth College Fund every year since graduation. Mr. Ripley was famous for his bowties, his sense of humor, and his loyalty to Dartmouth. He gave to the Dartmouth College Fund for 83 consecutive years—from his graduation in 1929 until his death in September 2011 at the age of 104. The Class of 1968 has 87 Ripley Society members, tied with the Class of 1979 (with a base of almost 1000 graduates) for the third highest number of any class prior to 2002. Nearly 60% of all Ripley Society members are from the Classes of 2002-2016, years out from graduation being a significant factor.

Members from the Class of 1968

Adler, Bill                                                         Andrews, Russell

Axelrod, Jon                                                     Becker, Don

Benedict, Chuck                                               Beverage, Parkeriiii

Bort, Dan                                                         Boss, Hugh

Butts, Bob                                                        Calvert, Steve

Chandler, Wells                                                Conn, Alex

Connolly, Warren                                             Cruickshank, Jim

duMoulin, Rich                                                 Dunlap, Wallace

Engleman, John                                                 Epstein, Andy

Escovitz, Bill                                                     Florin, Bob

Gang, Dave                                                      Gettinger, Peter

Green, Chip                                                      Griffith, Larry

Highmark, Dolph                                              Himes, Larry

Hinman, Jeff                                                      Hobin, Gary

Hodges, Jim                                                      Hofman, Peter

Holmberg, Bob                                                 Hotaling, Andy

Kam, Ced                                                         Kruger, Paul

Lafrance, Dick                                                   Lappin, Richard

Lawrie, Jim                                                        Lebwohl, Oscar

Lenahan, Mike                                                   Levy, Bruce

Loring, Dave                                                      Lowry, Joe

McGregor, Sandy                                              Meigher, Chris

Melski, John                                                      Mercer, John

Miller, Rich                                                        Morrissey, Stephen

Noon, Jack                                                        O’Conner, Mike

O’Keeffe, Peter                                                 O’Shea, John

Pabst, Rick                                                        Page, Jon

Patterson, Roger                                                Payne, Jim

Peck, David                                                       Powell, Ben

Preotle, John                                                      Prudente, Preston

Quist, Burt                                                         Reichgott, David

Richter, Rick                                                      Ridgeway, Hap 

Ritchey, Kim                                                      Robinson, Steve

Ross, Bob                                                          Rossman, David

Schley, Bob                                                        Schwager, Steve

Sedwick, Jack                                                    Small, Steve

Smith, Larry                                                        Stanley, David

Stonecipher, Tom                                               Tannenwald, Bob

Thompson, Peter                                                Tom, Dan

Warner, Ken                                                      Waterhouse, Mark

Waterman, Dana                                                Williams, Rick

Witten, Roger                                                     Wolff, Marshall

Zavelle, Michael


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