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On Friday, October 15, Joe Nathan and Lola Wright joined John Everett at their hotel in Houston and went out for dinner to discuss the event at Dan and Adele Hedges' the next evening.  Saturday afternoon, Joe Nathan, Lola, and Bear went to the Houston Museum of Art to enjoy their show of German Impressionists as well as the rest of the permanent collection at HMA.  Then on Saturday evening, October 16, the Class of '68 accepted the kind invitation of Dan and Adele Hedges to hold a mini-reunion in their architectural award winning, "green" design (LEDE standards) home in Houston.  Joe Nathan and Lola Wright and Bear were first to arrive, but were then joined by Jim and Dana Johnson, Margaret and Randy McElrath, who had only just moved to Houston, Joe and Gail Adams, who are the architects of the house, and Joe is a '70, and by Gregg Cerveny, of the Development Office.  First, the Class must thank Dan and Adele for their kindness and generosity in opening their truly extraordinary home to the Class for this mini-reunion.  If you're interested in architectural design, their home is truly one to see and visit if you could.  Dan and Adele started a tour of their home, focusing on their living quarters on the second floor, putting them above the hurricane flood threat which occasionally comes in off the Gulf of Mexico.  Their tour was interrupted by the arrival of more of the guests, so we all got around to renewing old acquaintances and socializing.  Bill Rich, as Chair of the 50th Reunion Gift Committee, joined us by phone on a speaker phone hook-up to introduce the grand premier of the DOC Trips CD/video, which Molly Bode, '09, and Dave Schmidt have produced.  Their effort is an inspirational and motivational CD/video to encourage the Class to give to the 50th Reunion Gift to endow First Year Trips.  Meanwhile, Bear was over at the laptop acting as the AV consultant and expert, so everyone really was quite fortunate to see this wonderful CD/Video.  It really is terrific, especially with Gerry Bell's appearance and the musical soundtrack now part of it.  The YouTube link should also be available on the Class website if the link above does not do the job.

 After the compelling video show, we sat down together for a delicious dinner.  After dinner, Joe and Gail Adams spoke more about their design of Dan and Adele's home and how and why they included certain design features into the home and why they made certain materials choices to include in the design and building.  Joe picked up the architectural tour on the second floor.  Then he lead everyone interested down to the ground floor to explain how and why all the mechanicals were located there, why there were no necessary living quarters on the ground floor, and to explain about all the photovoltaic cells on the roof which produced enough power for the house and allowed Dan and Adele to occasionally sell some excess power back to the electrical grid and how a cistern system was used to capture rain runoff to give the Hedges drinking water independent of the public utilities if it is necessary due to storm damage.  With the completion of the tour by Joe Adams, we all thanked Dan and Adele for their kindness and left for the evening.  We all had a wonderful time, and I think the evening and mini-reunion were a great success.  Dan and Adele were wonderful and gracious hosts and are thanked for that kindness to each of us and to the Class.

(from L to R): Gail Adams architect, John Everett, Joe Adams, '70, architect (back), Lola Wright (front), Adele Hedges, Joe Nathan Wright, Dan Hedges, Jim Johnson (back/partially obscured), Dana Johnson (front), Randy McElrath, Margaret McElrath

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