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Bandon Dunes Trip Report from Ed Heald

Trip dates Monday October 28-Friday, November 1, 2013


Dartmouth grads who attended:


-Front row: left to right: Fred Palmer, Gerry Rinehart, Joe Grasso, Warren Connelly, Max Milton, Kelly Simpson ‘69

-Back row: left to right: Jim Noyes, Hugh Boss, Ed Heald, Mike Neal ’69, Nick Smaby, Dick Olson, Bill Adler, John Blair

The 2013 edition of the class golf trip to Bandon Dunes in Oregon was the best ever!  Of course, whenever there is a trip that involves being outside most of the day, weather plays a very important part in the success of any trip, and we were blessed with superb weather all of our golf days while at Bandon Dunes. Temperatures were in the upper 40’s in the early morning and mid 50’s midday and the afternoons, with plentiful sun all days, although we did have one morning that was subject to a frost delay of an hour.

In addition to the weather, the course conditions were superb, the accommodations excellent, the food plentiful and the camaraderie outstanding! Those classmates attending included:

-John Blair from Memphis TN with his golf buddy Jim Campbell;

-Jim Noyes from Carbondale CO with his golf buddy John Manning;

-Joe Grasso from Concord MA with his golf buddy Jeff Jones-Maureen decided to take a pass on joining us this year;

-Gerry Rinehart and his wife Peggy from Minneapolis MN;

-Warren Connelly from Potomac MD with his golf friend Carolyn Rand;

-Fred Palmer from Memphis TN;

-Bill Adler from San Francisco CA;

-Dick Olson from Grosse Point Mark MI;

-Nick Smaby from Minneapolis MN;

-Hugh Boss from Montecito CA;

-Max Milton from Helena MT;

-Ed Heald from Carlisle MA.

We were also joined by two members of the class of ’69, Kelly Simpson and Mike Neal. They may be the lead in having more from the ’69 class join us on future trips.

Our schedule was to have everyone play golf in the morning, each of the four mornings on a different course, with tee times beginning at 8:30 am arranged in groups of four, thus enabling those who are die-hard golfers to be able to play a second round of golf following. One afternoon was given to playing the 13-hole par-3 Preserve course there, which is a treat for fun golf. Following golf, many of us gathered in the Living Room at The Inn, to relax before dinner with a bar serving all manner of beverages, a fireplace for comfort and with several large screen TVs that enabled us to watch the World Series or other events while gathered. We would then trek off to dinner, each night dining at a different location on the resort campus.

I asked those who are relatively new to the group to share their thoughts and comments, and offer these below:

-From Max Milton: Made some of the best shots of my golfing career (of course accompanied by lots of struggle) this week. First time I've played 36 in a day. Trails had less traffic so Warren, John Guilfoy and I played. Old Mac was magnificent. All of it was. Thanks you guys. Impossible to pick between this or Dartmouth 68 Ski trip. Both wonderful fun affairs. It's amazing that something we experienced 45+ yrs ago just keeps on giving. Would love to do it again. Apple stock getting back to 700 would help. Upgrade your iPads!

 From Nick Smaby: First off, thanks a million for all the effort you put forth in making this such a magical outing.  For me, it goes way beyond golf (and I think it would have that affect on any newcomers).  Bandon Dunes is Bandon Dunes, the most spectacular golf destination in the world!  But, to experience it with interesting people we, for the most part, haven't seen in 45 years turns it into magic.  It is the sense of connection (or reconnection) that occurs that elevates this gathering to something approaching the spiritual realm.  Speaking personally, I really have not felt connected to Dartmouth since I graduated.  The reasons don't really matter, but the lack of connection had left a bit of a void in my memory bank.  How nice it is to fill that void with new experiences and memories shared with such a diverse group from all over the country.  I departed Bandon with a smile on my face and a warm feeling all over.  Priceless, as they say, and I'm going to continue to do it every year as I am able.

 -From Kelly Simpson ’69: ---The trip was fabulous! Thanks again for all that you did to make it happen. Special thanks for the incredible weather. In addition to the great golf, I really enjoyed reconnecting with/meeting so many 68's. Hopefully, we can increase the number of 69's next year. Mike and I will recommend it highly to our classmates!

 -From Mike Neal ’69: This trip could not have been better for me.   I greatly appreciate John’s invitation to join the group and your efforts to make all go so smoothly. I was especially impressed on your ability to arrange so much sunshine.  As I embark on my second retirement, the trip has also inspired me to work on improving my physical condition to allow me participate in this and perhaps other such outings.  I had not walked so far for many years and never felt better. It was also great to spend some time with old friends and make some new friends.  I certainly look forward to a return trip. My only disappointment was the outcome of the World Series- although I must admit that the Red Sox were my second favorite team.

 So, where do we go from here? Early plans for the 2014 trip have the dates being to arrive on Sunday, November 2, playing four rounds of golf Monday, November 3 through Thursday, November 6, then departing Thursday November 6 after golf.

If any of you have interest in learning more about these golf trips, or wish to express early interest in joining us for the 2014 trip, please email me at esheald@aol.com.



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