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Dartmouth Alumni Club of the Virgin Islands (DACVI)

 Report of Annual Meeting

May 10, 2014


DACVI Flotilla II

Return of the Green

May 11-20, 2014


DACVI Flotilla II Sailors at Peter Island, May 19, 2014 – Wayne LoCurto, Karen Ray, Kathy LoCurto, Jim Lawrie, Larry Griffith, Gerry Bell, Deborah Wolney, Norm Silverman, Lyn Swenson, Kevin Swenson, Martha Hills, Gerry Hills, Barbara Siede, Jack Hopke, Bob Ernst, Pat Ernst, Tom Webster, Vicki Comisso, David Boyle, Sue Webster, Bill Webster, Stephanie Webster.

The Dartmouth Alumni Club of the Virgin Islands (DACVI) is pleased to provide the report of the 2nd Annual Meeting, May 10, 2014, at The Pub, Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

 24 DACVI members/wives were able to attend the Annual Meeting.  Charter members Gerry Hills ‘68, Kevin Swenson ‘71, Wayne LoCurto ‘66, Norm Silverman ‘68, Jack Hopke ‘68 and Tom Zurich ‘81 were joined by recent inductees David Boyle ‘69, Jim Lawrie ‘68, Gerry Bell ’68, Larry Griffith ’68, Bill Webster ’65, Bob Ernst ’65, Tom Webster ’65 Honorary, and Karen Ray ’68 Honorary. 

 The meeting was called to order by President Hills following dinner at The Pub.  President Hills reported that DACVI had recently been officially recognized by Dartmouth College as the College’s newest Alumni Club.  A huge round of cheers ensued.

 Membership Chairman Terry Lichty, in abstentia, introduced new members.   Terry noted that DACVI has 31 memberships, with almost 60 total members.  Geographical distribution of the DACVI membership is 5 Caribbean Islands and 14 U.S. States.

 DACVI Treasurer Bill Webster read the Treasurer’s Report.  It was unanimously approved.


New Hampshire Liaison Officer Kevin Swenson read a report of the DACVI Regional Meetings during the year.   And then he went sailing.



New Business – Wayne LoCurto distributed DACVI shirts and caps to the sailors.



New Business -- Flotilla Commodore Norm Silverman spoke at length about the upcoming Flotilla, and plans for others.  Navigation Officer Ed Jereb was unable to attend, but sent detailed instructions for all boats, and for all snorkelers.

 New Business – Flotilla Entertainment Chairman Jack Hopke distributed CDs of 60’s era songs to each flotilla boat, music we listened to at Dartmouth to be played on board our boats.

 New Business -- Jack Hopke nominated Karen Ray for DACVI Membership.  Unanimously approved.

 Members sang “As The Backs Go Tearing By”, “Glory To Dartmouth”, and “Men of Dartmouth”.

 A Motion to Adjourn was made, seconded, and approved unanimously.


 Flotilla II, Return of the Green


Commodore Norm Silverman giving the nautical left turn signal.

The morning of May 11, the Captains and Crew met at Conch Charters, Road Town, Tortola, to board the boats for Flotilla II.  Four boats left the docks early afternoon, to return 9 full days later.


Wayne LoCurto checks out Caribbean Queen at the Conch Charter docks.

 Laurasia, 51-foot Benetau – Captain Gerry Hills ’68, Martha Hills, Kevin Swenson ’71, Lyn Swenson, David Boyle ’69, Vicki Comisso.

 Cielo de Dios, 50-foot Benetau – Captain Larry Griffith ’68, Jim Lawrie ’68, Gerry Bell ’68, Jack Hopke ’68, Barbara Siede, Karen Ray ’68 Honorary.

 La Bonne Vie, 47-foot Benetau – Captain Bill Webster ’65, Sue Webster, Bob Ernst ’65, Pat Ernst, Tom Webster ’65 Honorary, Stephanie Webster.

 Caribbean Queen, 39 foot Benetau – Captain Norm Silverman ’68, Deborah Wolney, Wayne LoCurto ’66, Kathy LoCurto.



The boats proceeded generally counter-clockwise around the British Virgin Islands.  Each boat/captain decided the daily route and mid-day stops for his boat, and everyone met up at the same harbor each night.  A few nights the boats split up and went to different harbors.  Among all the boats, overnight stops included:

          Norman Island – Pirate’s Bight Beach Club

          Marina Cay – Pusser’s Restaurant

          Virgin Gorda Sound

                   Saba Rock

                   Bitter End Yacht Club

                   Leverick Bay

          Cooper Island Beach Club

          Lee Bay on Great Camanoe Island

          Trellis Bay

          Cane Garden Bay

          Jost Van Dyke

                   Foxy’s in Great Harbor

                   Foxy’s Taboo

                   Harris’s Place in Little Harbor

                   Soggy Dollar Bay (where the painkiller originated)     

Peter Island

Ocean’s 7 Beach Bar

                   Peter Island Yacht Club

                   Peter Island Resort



Numerous other day stops included snorkeling at:

          The Caves

          The Indians

          Fallen Jerusalem

          The Baths



A favorite side-trip this year was to the bubbling pond near Foxy’s Taboo -- a natural inlet with clear water to splash around in.




 On conclusion of the trip, we scrambled the boats back to Road Town for some early departing DACVI members.  10 die-hard members stayed over one last night for a farewell dinner and a morning breakfast before finally breaking up.  The DACVI meeting, which started May 10 with a welcome cocktail party and dinner, had finally come to an end on May 21, 11 days later.



As was the case last year, DACVI members proved to be incredible envoys of The College, singing every night “As the Backs Go Tearing By”, “Glory to Dartmouth”, and “Men of Dartmouth”, usually to vigorous applause by stunned diners at beach restaurants throughout the BVI.  Unfortunately, the applause often brought forth more singing, usually a bit more off-color, including “On the Steps of Psi U”, “Dartmouth’s In Town Again”, and of course the song about how we’d rather be anything but a Beta Theta Pi.  The comment has been exceedingly well made that either our voices have improved with age, or our hearing is much worse than it used to be, or that lots of rum makes anything sound better.



Lessons Learned

1.  It is impossible to have anything but 9 days of fun on a DACVI Flotilla.

 2.  There are an amazing number of old Dartmouth stories that get told during an 11-day Annual Meeting.

 3.  It is really fun seeing old Dartmouth friends and meeting new ones!



4.  The women who married us are not only beautiful, but they’re also incredibly good sports to put up with us!



5.  I see no reason whatsoever that Flotilla III shouldn’t take effect, so we’re scheduling it. 





Jack Hopke and Barbara Siede, two-time Flotilla sailors.


Captain Gerry invites everyone to Flotilla III.

The boat boys of Laurasia discussing proper mooring techniques.


Sunset at Lee Bay, Great Camanoe Island

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