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The Class of 1968 has just completed a very successful 2017 Dartmouth College Fund campaign. We want to thank all of you for your support, and share some of the final results with you. Our dollar goal for 2017 was $400,000. We raised 537,531. Our participation goal was 50%, or 341 donors. For much of the campaign we lagged behind last year’s participation rate. But a burst of activity in the final week of the campaign, initiated by calls and emails from our dedicated solicitors and responded to with gusto by classmate donors, pushed us close to our participation goal and we ended with 332 gifts.

One unique aspect of this year’s 1968 campaign was the Participation Challenge between April 3 and April 21. For every gift made during that window, a group of three classmates pledged to contribute $68. Members of the Class of 1968 responded enthusiastically, as they typically do to such a challenge, ultimately making 49 gifts during the Participation Challenge window. Each of those gifts earned an additional $68, thereby adding $3,332 to our final dollar goal.

The Class of 1968 is fortunate to have 87 distinguished members of the Ripley Society. The Harold C. Ripley ’29 Society was formed in 2009 to recognize alumni who have made a gift to the Dartmouth College Fund every year since graduation, and our Ripley Society members continue to set a standard of perfection and excellence in giving during each year’s campaign. The names of our Ripley classmates are listed on our class web site.

The Class of 1968 also has another distinguished group in our membership: classmates who, as of the 2017 campaign, have given 40 or more years to the Dartmouth College Fund. The names of these 88 Men of Dartmouth are listed on the page enclosed with this letter. We think it is important to recognize these dedicated classmates, without whom our DCF efforts would fall short each year.

For the third straight year, we have far exceeded our dollar goal. With a goal of $400,000 each year, our cumulative three-year total is more than $424,000 above goal. These successes give us terrific momentum heading into the biggest DCF campaign any Dartmouth class undertakes – our 50th Reunion campaign. You will hear more from us about our 50th campaign as we move into the fall. In the meantime, please enjoy your summer, and, if you are not among the 201 1968s who have already said they plan to attend Reunion, think seriously about joining us from June 7 – June 11, 2018. Virtually everything you need to know about our 50th can be found on our class web site.

Joe Nathan Wright
Head Agent


Larry Barnet

Steve Bauer

Peter Baylor

Dave Bergengren

John Blair

Bob Block

Ed Bloomberg

Bruce Borgeson

Harry Bryden

Ford Cashion

John Clark

Don Clausing

Ed Cohen

Tom Couser

Ken Dardick

Stan Dirks

Dennis Donahue

Paul Donahue

Jin Donnelly

Peter Dunn

Jerry Durbin

Dave Effron

John Eisold

Linc Eldredge

Steve Elliott

Steve Engelman

Peter Fahey

Lee Friedman

Steve Golladay

Joe Grasso

Sherwood Guernsey   

Dick Harwood

Dan Hedges

Tad Hooker

Gary Horlick

Steve Jenkins

Neil Juliar

Marty Keller

Lael Kellett

Rick Kimball

Robert Kmen

Bill Kolasky

Jim Kurtz

Tony Kuester

Roy Landy

Joe Leeper

Ted Levin

Don Linky

Jonathan Lohnes

Bill Martens

Steve Mason

Henry Masur

John McNary

John Meehan

Don Middleton

Mike Moeller

Frank Molloy

Bill Mutterperl

Jim Naughton

Ted Nixon

Buddy Noel

Dick Noyes

Jim Noyes

Al Ott

Fred Palmer

Rod Pease

John Pfeiffer

Bill Rapf

Bob Rusin

Mike Ryan

Gene Ryzewicz

Jim Schaffner

Peter Shaeffer

Dave Smith

Dan Sorenson

Paul Stageberg

David Stearns

Bob Thomas

Woody Thompson

Clark Wadlow

David Walden

John Wang

Ron Weiss

Jeff Welborn

Bob Whitney

Fred Wolf

Joe Nathan Wright

Jerry Wunsch


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